Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bush, McCain = Baghdad Bob

Do you remember the Iraqi Information Minister under Saddam Hussein, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf aka "Baghdad Bob"? This was the guy who would tell the English-speaking press corp that the Americans were nowhere near Baghdad while American tanks were passing by in the street behind him.

This week, President Bush and John McCain both reached that level of unreality in speaking on the same subject - life in Iraq at present.

Friday saw a fifth straight day of rocket fire and mortar fire into Green Zone of Baghdad. Several Americans and Iraqis were killed in these attacks on this American-fortified "safe" zone.

Basra, the second largest city in Iraq, has been under siege for more than a week. Markets are closed. People can't go to work, can't get food, have no electricity, have no access to medicine, and can't even get fuel for generators.

Shiite extremists - misnamed as al-Qaeda three times last week by John McCain just before letting the world know that Purim is the Jewish Halloween - are led in Basra by the largest of these groups - the Mahdi Army led by Muqtada al-Sadr who control government, traffic, and killing.

On Tuesday, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Malicki launched an assault on Basra, which led to more killing and a further spread of widespread violence in Shiite-held districts in Baghdad and other places in Iraq where Shiite militiamen hold sway over local and Federal governments.

President Bush said this week:

"The surge is doing what it was designed to do. It's helping Iraqis reclaim security and restart political and economic life." He said, "Normalcy is returning back to Iraq."


John McCain, who is looking to continue each and every George W. Bush policy down to the letter, commented this week:

 "Dramatic reduction in violence has opened the way for a return to something approaching normal political and economic life for the average Iraqi. People are going back to work. Markets are open."





Fellow Americans, I give you Baghdad Bobs - George W. Bush and John McCain.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Media Missteps of the Week

John McCain and John Hagee - John McCain appeared in person this week to embrace and accept the endorsement of a hate-filled, anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic bigot whose faith tells him the greatest contribution he can make in life is to take the money of his followers to enrich himself on the way to bringing about Armageddon via a cataclysmic World War III event.  How do you suppose the media reacted to this?

Yawns were in evidence.

How do you suppose they would have reacted if an alleged religious leader who called the Catholic church a "whore religion" and said God destroyed New Orleans because of its sinners endorsed Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton?

Even more telling would be how Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton would have reacted. I dare say neither would have bothered to appear onstage with this human reptile much less embrace his radical followers' beliefs into their points of view.

The media darling in the presidential race has been declared. Hint: he's the old, white man who has pledged to bring us four more years of following the Bush regime to the letter.

Barack Obama wins Texas - I know this may come as a bit of a surprise. After all, didn't Hillary Clinton win Texas, Rhode Island and Ohio to Obama's Vermont on Tuesday?

No, the media was incorrect and are not in any hurry to correct the information.

Barack Obama won a projected 98 Texas delegates to Hillary Clinton's 95. His Texas caucus victory was much greater than Hillary's primary victory. The momentum didn't shift very much at all. She gained fewer than 10 delegates Tuesday night while trailing Obama by 152. She's still so far behind that she doesn't have a realistic mathematical chance of winning the pledged delegate count.

Hillary Clinton does not have more legislative experience than Barack Obama -The media has continually harped on Hillary Clinton's "3 a.m. phone call" ad THAT ONLY RAN IN TEXAS (a state she lost) to repeatedly play nationally on her behalf to give her free publicity on the issue of experience in government. Although Clinton has two more years as a U.S. Senator than Barack Obama, he actually has more legislative experience. Regarding security clearance as First Lady, Hillary Clinton had none. If you count her time as First Lady in government, than perhaps Barbara Bush or Laura Bush should be considered for John McCain's running mate.

Of course, McCain has more legislative experience than either Democrat, but then again, it's not like longtime Senators offer any special advantage to becoming great presidents, do they, President Dole or President Kerry?

The Democratic Party, for whichever candidate it nominates, is losing ground every day that Hillary Clinton is telling America that she and McCain have the most experience. On the other hand, maybe she's looking to be McCain's running mate. She'd certainly have a much greater chance of taking over the presidency during his administration than if she ran with Obama.