Friday, April 11, 2008

McCain STILL Making Same Iraq Blunder!!!!!

You'd think by now John McCain would be humiliated into knowing the truth.

If the media wasn't his lapdog, the embarrassment would likely have caused him to admit to senior moments if not absolute stupidity.

Because no one is calling him on it, he continues to show his complete ignorance of reality in Iraq.

He actually doesn't have a clue who's fighting in Iraq. He doesn't know who's killing Americans - you know, his fellow citizens.

To recap, AlQaeda are Sunnis and Iran is Shiia. They aren't the same. They're as different as Red Sox and Yankees. Even more accurately, they're as different as Boston Red Sox and New York Giants - they're both sports teams , so in McCain's world they must be the same thing. After all, they both use a ball in their games.

AlQaeda and Iran - hey, they're both Arabic, right? and they both call God (the same one that Jews and Christians pray to, by the way), "Allah", right? They are all the same in McCain's world.

"So let's kill 'em all," McCain is basically saying, even if they fight along side us as Iran did in Basra last week against the Mahdi Army. And that is despite the fact that AlQaeda in Iraq wasn't there until we invaded, that they have no connection to the international terrorist group because they're just a tiny splinter organization, that they're just as happy killing Shiite Muslims as they are American occupiers because we're all infidels to them, and that they number about 1,000 out of some 8.8 million.

No, John McCain will never let facts get in the way of a good, but wholly incorrect propaganda story the media is only too happy to help him perpetrate on the American people.

So McCain continues to conflate AlQaeda and Iran. Even after being publicly corrected by a former Democrat.

Let's recap the repeated misstatements.

First came the speech in Houston in February when he said Shiia Iran was helping Sunni AlQaeda.

Then he said the same thing on Hugh Hewitt's right-wing radio show in March.

Then he said it twice to reporters on his trip to the Middle East before Joe Lieberman corrected him.

Then there was three days ago at the General Petraeus hearing when he said, "Al Qaeda isn't just an obscure sect of the Shiites... (pause) ... or Sunnis or anybody else." Well they're definitely not Shiites, and not likely anybody else unless they've been recently adopted by the Baptists, or the Mormons, or the fundamentalist born again whatevers, or, as he said, "anybody else."

Finally, Fox Noise yesterday gave him the opportunity to clear up any confusion people may perceive that he has about the situation by hand-feeding him what to say:

Fox Noise: "Do you understand the difference between Sunni and Shiia, and how would you like to respond those who claim you don't?"

McCain: "I've been to Iraq eight times. I know the leaders. I know the situation on the ground. I know that Sunni and AlQaeda are closely tied."


Like buses and subways are closely tied to mass transit?
Like the shape of wheels is closely tied to a circle?
Like football, baseball, and basketball are closely tied to America's three most popular team sports?

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. HE STILL CAN'T GET IT RIGHT!

What a blithering idiot.

For the last time (I hope), allow me to explain.
AlQaeda is Sunni.
Saudi Arabia is Sunni.
15 of the 19 AlQaeda 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia under the leadership of AlQaeda in Afghanistan.
0 were from Iraq.
That's because Iraq had 0 AlQaeda until the US invasion.
Iran is Shiia.
AlQaeda's sworn enemy is anyone not Sunni, and Iran is not Sunni.

Got it, McCain? Got it, media?

We're not as stupid as you want us to be.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

McCain's "plan" for Iraq - HA!!!!!!!!

John McCain said on April 7, 2008 - in between his humorously sad, consistent conflation of AlQaeda (Sunni) with Shiite Extremists in Iraq even after being corrected on camera by former Democrat Joe Lieberman - that we don't have to be in Iraq for 100 years or longer provided certain conditions are met.

Iraq merely has to secure U.S. interests by being a country that is:

1 - Stable;
2 - Prosperous;
3 - Democratic;
4 - Not a threat to its neighbors (exception - see number 8 below);
5 - A terrorism fighter;
6 - Happily entertaining international entities (i.e. allows foreign oil companies to remove Iraq's oil for no money whatsoever);
7 - Accepting of all religions; and
8 - Starts treating Iran like an enemy.

Gee, wouldn't it be nice if the United States could meet some of those criteria, too?

I'd especially like the USA to fulfill numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 because we're sorely lacking in each of those under our current Republican dictatorship.

100 years, McCain? Under those conditions we're going to be there closer to 1,000 years.

And there's certainly no better strategy for accomplishing those goals than by having your country controlled and occupied by a foreign military.

Think for a minute - do you suppose the USA would be more stable, prosperous, democratic, neighborly, terrorist-fighting, and increasingly tolerant of religions if, say, we were occupied by the armies from Japan (enemy in WWII) or China (enemy in Korea), countries who now hold most of our ever-increasing national debt?

Naaaaaaah, i didn't think so either. Otherwise, we probably wouldn't have spent so many lives fighting them before.

Of course, those were Democratic presidents who fought those wars so maybe our Republican emperor and his puppet yes-men have a different idea of what democracy and America stand for.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Radio Show Host Randi Rhodes Ridiculously Suspended

Air America Chief Charlie Kireker suspended Radio Show Host Randi Rhodes because she performed a stand-up routine at a public appearance off the air in which she called Geraldine Ferraro a whore for racist comments made against Barack Obama. Mind you, she was not using the term in the "prostitute" connotation, but rather in the "selling out your principles" definition. She then called Hillary Clinton one as well for not calling out Ferraro on her bigoted remarks.

Two weeks later, Kireker took action.

First, video shows the audience understood the context and laughed. Second, Rhodes was warmly received after the event. Finally, Rhodes has been on the air for two weeks with no public reaction.

So here are my Top Ten reasons Why Air America Overreacted:

10. Kireker got upset because he didn't understand another word used by erudite radio show host Lionel today and Randi is tired of having to be the one to explain it to him - several times.
9. Kireker heard right-wing wacko Neal Boortz might be looking for a new gig.
8. Randi's last name isn't Rhodes, but Kireker doesn't understand the whole "Show Biz name" thing. Watch out, Lionel.
7. Cruise Ship envy - Randi -2, AA - 1.
6. Kireker wants to be memorialized in name for the NEXT San Francisco Sewerage Plant.
5. Total misunderstanding - When Randi told a Clinton supporter she was "right", she actually meant "correct" - not "anti-left".
4. Isn't this Air "America"? Oh yeah, I suppose South American dictatorships can technically be called "America".
3. Kireker figured that his network had too much "Talk, talk, talk" and not enough action. He's hoping Hulk Hogan returns his calls soon.
2. She can't come back until she agrees to wear a Tucker Carlson bow tie.
1. Three words - Fox America Radio!!!