Sunday, April 6, 2008

Radio Show Host Randi Rhodes Ridiculously Suspended

Air America Chief Charlie Kireker suspended Radio Show Host Randi Rhodes because she performed a stand-up routine at a public appearance off the air in which she called Geraldine Ferraro a whore for racist comments made against Barack Obama. Mind you, she was not using the term in the "prostitute" connotation, but rather in the "selling out your principles" definition. She then called Hillary Clinton one as well for not calling out Ferraro on her bigoted remarks.

Two weeks later, Kireker took action.

First, video shows the audience understood the context and laughed. Second, Rhodes was warmly received after the event. Finally, Rhodes has been on the air for two weeks with no public reaction.

So here are my Top Ten reasons Why Air America Overreacted:

10. Kireker got upset because he didn't understand another word used by erudite radio show host Lionel today and Randi is tired of having to be the one to explain it to him - several times.
9. Kireker heard right-wing wacko Neal Boortz might be looking for a new gig.
8. Randi's last name isn't Rhodes, but Kireker doesn't understand the whole "Show Biz name" thing. Watch out, Lionel.
7. Cruise Ship envy - Randi -2, AA - 1.
6. Kireker wants to be memorialized in name for the NEXT San Francisco Sewerage Plant.
5. Total misunderstanding - When Randi told a Clinton supporter she was "right", she actually meant "correct" - not "anti-left".
4. Isn't this Air "America"? Oh yeah, I suppose South American dictatorships can technically be called "America".
3. Kireker figured that his network had too much "Talk, talk, talk" and not enough action. He's hoping Hulk Hogan returns his calls soon.
2. She can't come back until she agrees to wear a Tucker Carlson bow tie.
1. Three words - Fox America Radio!!!

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