Saturday, February 16, 2008

Recent Abominations of the Radical Right

John McCain - Last November, John McCain sponsored an anti-torture bill that came up for vote this week in the Senate. McCain was tortured himself in Vietnam, and spoke out against torture until his meeting with Bush in 2003 when he emerged a Bush-loving neocon through and through. Still, in the interest of clarification, he pushed through this piece of legislation republicans widely opposed.

This week, John McCain voted AGAINST the exact bill he himself sponsored just a few short months ago. It's time to crown him the Pander Bear for not even having the courage to vote for his own bill because he wanted to prove that he, too, can be a pawn of the radical right.

Republican Gun Nuts - Six students at Northern Illinois died this week after a student off his medication for mental illness brought three guns - that despite his mental medical condition were legally purchased, owned, and registered - onto campus and opened fire on students. Here's a recap of recent similar incidents.

June 2000 - University of Washington, Seattle - Two dead.
August 2000 - University of Arkansas - Two dead.
May 2001 - University of Pacific Lutheran - Two dead.
January 2002 - Appalachian State School of Law - Three dead.
October 2002-  University of Arizona Nursing College at Tucson - Four dead.
May 2003 - Case Western Reserve University - One dead from a seven hour shooting.
September 2006 - Shepherd University shooting - Three dead, father and his two sons.
April 2007 - University of Washington, Seattle (again) - Two dead.
April 2007 - Virginia Tech University - 32 dead.
September 2007 - Delaware State University - One dead.
October 2007 - University of Memphis - One dead.
December 2007 - LSU - Two dead.
LAST WEEK - Louisiana Technical College at Baton Rouge - Three dead.
THIS WEEK - Northern Illinois - Six dead.

This doesn't even include the wounded or maimed for life. I'm only including colleges, not high schools or student shootings at malls.

Northern Illinois had a plan for this type of situation. It was implemented as well as it could have been, which means this was the best possible outcome under the circumstances.

So what was the radical right's response to this horrible tragedy?

THEY SAID THAT WE NEED TO GET MORE GUNS ON CAMPUSES. They said that if more guns were carried by more students, then that would solve the problem.

I can't believe this is what Americans wanted to vote for in 2000 and 2004.

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