Sunday, September 21, 2008

Awful McCain Mistakes on Foreign Policy

In a week in which the Dow lost 1,000 points on Monday and Wednesday, John McCain was insisting the economic fundamentals in America were strong. Wha???????

OK, the economy is, by his own admission, not his strong suit. So does he have a strong suit?

The media has attempted to portray McCain to have knowledge on foreign policy, but his repeated mistakes prove he is not intelligent enough to handle that, either. As a recap, here are some of McCain's recent foreign policy gaffes in which he said that:

1 - Iraq and Pakistan share a border.
2 - Czechoslovakia still exists.
3 - He was confused as to the difference between Sudan and Somalia.
4 - He was confused as to whether it was more U.S troops or more NATO troops he wanted to send to Afghanistan.
5 - He was confused as to what troop levels are in Iraq.
6 - He was confused about Iran's relationship with Al Qaeda.
7 - He was confused about the difference between Sunni and Shiite Muslims.
8 - He referred to Russian President Putin as being the leader of Germany.
9 - He jokingly sang about bombing Iran.
10 - His running mate spoke of bombing Russia.

11 - And now this week, he has referred to our friendly European ally and fellow democracy, Spain, as being our adversary, and...
12 - being located in Central America.

McCain is showing himself to be weak-minded, weak-willed, lacking judgment, lacking intelligence, lacking stamina, and choosing the worst, most unqualified running mate in U.S. history (supplanting even Dan Quayle).

Apparently, he does not have any strong suit at all.

Despite the media's attempts to keep the race close for their own ratings benefit, John McCain is showing such a lack of ability to be president as to even overcome that propaganda to register in the polls whose methodology already favors the republican candidates by skewed selection of those they poll.

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